Packaging and the environment is a much-discussed topic, PSL has moved with the times and offer a full range of products to meet your requirements.



Recycled - A product made from previously processed materials.

Degradable - A polyethene product with an additive to accelerate the degrading process.

Biodegradable - A product that contains no polythene and degrades to CO2 & H2O


The majority of our products can be made in an environmentally friendly form.


Being aware of our environment does not stop at conservation issues.


PSL specialise in Flame Retardant products and materials. These flame retardant goods will melt as opposed to bursting into flames. Making them especially effective in sensitive areas such as airports, schools, shopping centres, and many other places.


If your industry or environment could benefit from this product give us a call to discuss the best options tailored to your needs. 


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