•  Polythene Bags - Bottom, Side, and Multi-Weld.

  • Polythene Covers - Including Furniture and Pallet Covers.

  • Polythene Liners - Drum and Box Liners, Peddle Bin and Swing Bin Liners.

  • Polythene Sacks - Heavy Duty, Refuse, Sacks for Feeds and Foods.

  • Polythene Envelopes - Mailing Bags, Couriers Sacks and Document Holders.

  • Polythene Films - Tubing and Sheeting of all types, including Shrink & Stretch.


All products can be 8 colours, perforated, slotted and even scented.


All products can be made:

  • Food Grade

  • Flame Retardant

  • Anti-Static 

  • High or Low Slip


Lips, Flaps, Hangers, Hooks Adhesive Strips and Glue Lines can all be added.


Carrier, Gripseal, Water Soluble, Clinical Waste, Asbestos Waste is also available.


For Bespoke and Unusual Packaging give us a call! 


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